About Us


Soul Sisters for a CAUSE was created to empower those who believe in making a difference. To enable causes, big and small, to raise awareness and spread the word. To give supporters an easy way to sustain causes they care about.
To inspire action. 

Our mantra is Purchase with a Purpose. 
We offer a collection of statement jewelry, custom gifts, home accessories and inspirational t-shirts. Our product list reflects our mindful curation, and diversifies as we seek out Fair Trade and women artisans from across the world.
We also offer customized bespoke designs for fundraisers,
non-profit organizations and corporate citizenship programs. 


While we love Train’s “Hey, Soul Sister”, our inspiration for founding Soul Sisters for a Cause were the women (and men) who have uplifted our lives. Through the ups and downs of life, we prevailed with the help of our friends, families, and also strangers who had turned out to be our Soul Sisters.

We dedicate this venture to all the Soul Sisters of the world, inspiring and providing encouragement when it is needed the most.
This is our way of lending our voice to what matters to YOU.
Join us in this movement intended to empower, connect and amplify.
Let’s do more together! 



Partnerships with Non-Profit Organizations to amplify their mission and audience. We lend our collective voices to draw attention through a variety of ways from specially-designed jewelry to give-back through Soul Sisters for a Cause branded merchandise.
Partnerships with Corporate Citizenship Programs to drive deeper engagement with their employees.. By giving employees options for employee-giving programs that are relevant and personally meaningful by providing a custom-unique item specific to the designated cause, organizations reap the benefits of sustained employee loyalty, and doing more for our communities, and doing more together.


Through this program we support fair-trade artisans by providing personally selected and curated gift items from artisans across the globe. And with each purchase, each customized item,  this will help them to support sustainable livelihoods and job opportunities with sales of their beautifully crafted goods. 

Soul Sisters for a Cause. Agents. For Social Good.

Let’s do more together!

Agencies We Support Through the Lend a Voice Program

Listed below are the non-profit organizations that we support through our Lend a Voice program. You can click on the agency that you would like for us to donate a percentage of your purchase to. This agency will be added to your shopping cart page. We make quarterly donations to the organizations you select.