Sparkle Like You Mean It + Shatter the Glass Ceiling Necklace

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This necklace makes the perfect statement for all modern women

Custom Lucite Gold Glitter Pendant Charm with 3 plated rings and glass bead come together in a beautiful statement on a 30" silver chain. 

Celebrate bold with the stunning combination of all things good!

The simple, yet bold, cracked glass bead represents glass ceilings shattered and is for all women shattering the glass ceiling, past, present + future. A small pearl is added for pearls of wisdom. The 3 rings represent the power of 3: mind, body + spirit. And the power of 3 also represent what Girls, Inc is all about. Inspiring girls to be Strong, Smart + Bold.

Sparkle like you mean it + help shine a light on education and STEM programs for our future leaders of tomorrow.

Necklace arrives in gift box with give back cards + the meaning behind the necklace. Earrings sold separately.

A portion of all sales helps to support Girls, Inc. Together, we can do more.

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